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The team at Rozhinke.org has been formulated after an extensive selection procedure so as to provide you with legitimate information relating to the Jewish beliefs and culture. The information provided on our site with regards to the Jewish religion is guaranteed to be accurate.

Our motivation is to create awareness about the Jewish culture

With the advancement of time, people are drifting further away from their Jewish culture, which is why this platform was created to remind about their culture and its beliefs. Our team of experts focuses on every aspect of the culture, from cuisine to picking names. In addition, we also aim to minimize the misunderstandings among the general public regarding the Jewish culture. We create a healthy environment for the growth of Jew culture, especially the Hebrew language.

How is Rozhinke different from other Jewish websites?

  • The knowledge we offer is different from other Jew promotion platforms. We aim to provide the neglected but vital information related to the Jewish culture
  • Our services are not limited to the followers of the Jewish religion. The content is also developed for non-Jews, so that they can gain knowledge of the Jewish culture. Also, it would help clear out all misunderstandings and stereotypes relation to the Jews
  • Our platform would keep you in touch with your Jewish roots
  • We maintain high quality content and accessible features to ensure that you have easy access to the information you requires