How to Fight the Stereotypes Surrounding the Jewish Nose

How to Fight the Stereotypes Surrounding the Jewish Nose

Posted by on Oct 31, 2012 in Jewish, News

How to Fight the Stereotypes Surrounding the Jewish Nose

At one point in time, there was intense hate against the Jewish nose. This was especially the case with women. For many generations, young Jewish girls would get rhinoplasties just in the hope of landing a decent husband. Men would also undergo these procedures trying to look more attractive.

Fortunately, with all of the fighting against Jewish discrimination, there is an increase of people that are not getting these surgeries. This trend has affected American society as a whole. As it stands now, 37 percent of Americans received fewer nose jobs in 2011.

However, even with this phenomenon, there are still people that hate what is perceived to be the Jewish nose. To convince these individuals how wrong they are, it is recommended that they take a look at Jewish men and women. There are many pictures on the Internet that show how attractive these people really are. These proud individuals serve as the ultimate testament to inner beauty.

One should also remember that racism does play a part in why Jewish noses receive the type of attention that they do. When rhinoplasties were more common in the Jewish community, the people of that time wanted to achieve the WASP look. This is a term that stands for the “White Anglo Saxon Protestant.” To put it simply, the people of that day were trying to look more Caucasian.

Now some may not see a problem with this type of thinking. Since most Jews are seen as being white anyway, there should not be any harm in altering their noses. While racially Jews are white, they still define themselves as a separate community. A Jewish man or woman could be born with a nose that looks more stereotypical yet still get processed as something negative.

To stop this form of discrimination, Americans as a whole need to view Jewish people like they would themselves. Do not look at them as a nose, a lawyer or a person trying to be cheap with money. Instead, you should view them as everyday folks trying to achieve the same life as everyone else.

Of course, one should also keep in mind that when it comes to rhinoplasties, there are genuine reasons why a Jewish person would want a nose job. One of the most common involves car accidents. If a person breaks their nose during such an incident, plastic surgery might be needed to restore their original appearance. In this situation, there is no incidence of self hate or discrimination.

In summary, there should be no hate against Jewish people or their physical appearance. Everyone is beautiful regardless of their look or their religion. This is what should be thought when a person looks at another. Judging by artificial standards not only hurts the entire Jewish community, but it also hurts oneself.

People should be accepted for who they are without having to become a WASP. Anyone believing something different needs to seriously analyze their thoughts. By doing this, the world will definitely become a better place.