Jewish Names and More

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Jewish Names and More

Jewish culture has had a huge influence on the world we live in. A race that has suffered from diaspora time and time again, its culture can be seen throughout the world. Jews and those of Jewish ancestry are known to exist in Europe, the USA, Australia, South Africa and countless other nations across the world.

As the millennia went on, Judaism as a religion and Jewish identity, as a culture, has produced countless people who have excelled in certain areas. Subjects like science, the arts, the humanities and other areas of academic interest have their own prominent Jewish figures.

These include individuals such as Albert Einstein, who managed to escape the terror of Hitler’s regime in Germany. As a result, Jewish children’s names and Jewish surnames are very common.

Jewish baby names are taken not only by those of Jewish ancestry, but also by others. There are, in fact, countless Hebrew names from the Bible and the Torah which are quite common today. Names such as Hannah and Emmett are straight from Biblical lore and are popular among people in Britain and in many English speaking countries.

In other places, such as Russia, the name “Hannah” is translated as Anna. Its further diminutive, “Anya”, is a common name within Eastern European countries. Overall it is a particularly popular name, and Hannah is something that has a wide range of variation across many European cultures.

Names such as Joshua, Joseph and even John all have their origins from Hebrew times. These names are often given to babies of Christian families, who wish to follow in the naming traditions that the Bible sets down.

Even names like Moses, while not as common, are still given, particularly in African countries such as South Africa, Namibia, Kenya and Zimbabwe.

Jewish last names can most prominently be seen in the United States. Bearers of these names may have Jewish ancestry, or they may simply have them due to marriage. Some of these names, such as Goldheim, have a distinctly Germanic ring to them.

This is primarily due to the Germanic language of Yiddish, which was common amongst many migrating Jews. Many Jewish surnames have changed over time.

As a race, the Jews themselves have added many more cultures and names to their number. This is due to the long string of migrations which took them all over Europe and, eventually, the world.

There is still a purity tradition when it comes to giving your child a Jewish name. There are countless other names which are also Jewish in origin, even if one is not aware of it. Some people, if they go back far enough, may even discover their own Jewish heritage in their family trees.

This is particularly true of individuals who were born and raised in the United States. America has created a melting-pot of cultures, creating a diverse population who have a rich history and culture stretching back across the millennia, and one that gives us our customs and traditions of today.